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Terms Of Service

if you violate any rule I'm fully entitled to revoke the desing and not make refunds.

1 DON'T copy, trace, sell, edit, steal or revamp of purchased from Gothlly™.

2 DON'T claim any service purchased from Gothlly™ as your own work.

3 COMPLETELY PROHIBITED if you order from Gothlly™ first and then order from another person and that person does completely the same desing and coding.

4 There AREN'T changes (design or coding) once the order is delivered.

5 DON'T hide, cover or remove the Gothlly™ copyright.

6 Please be patient! I like to do a good job.

7 I can repeat the material (vectors) for any order.

8 Every service bought, has a guarantee of 1 year for free support and help with any occurring problems. After this period, additional costs apply.

Allowed & Not Allowed


NOTE: Gothlly™ coding in Google Chrome, so not all browsers support css/script/html more than all Safari. Keep in mind that if you use a browser that doesn't
support css/script/html much, the code will give error and, There's are doesn't change the code to fit Safari, sorry.

CAN DO edit the information in your code. You find with the title

DON'T edit desing (recolor, filters, etc) and coding (html and css).

DON'T hide or remove the Gothlly™ copyright. (don't use stickers to cover or remove it by cropping the image).

DON'T edit the filedrive files (you can't copy the coding and use it either personally or commercially).

Twitch, Youtube, Facebook & Twitter

CAN DO use filters.

DON'T edit desing.

DON'T hide or remove the Gothlly™ copyright. (don't hide or remove image in case if a twitch service's).