Pick Service Of Imvu

Navigate through the buttons on the left you can find the different imvu services that Gothlly™ offers.

Choose imvu service: Homepage, Badge Description, Badge Display, Product Page, Soapbox, Banner & Header.

Before asking something, check the F.A.Q page, otherwise if the question is not there, you can send me a private message ❤

Fill Form and Send Order

When you have pick imvu service, Fill the respective form.

To copy the form, click on the button ''Click for copy FORM in Clipboard''

To send the order you can send a message to Gothlly™ by Imvu, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Discord.

You can find all the Gothlly™ networks in the bottom left.

Discord: Luci#5365

Wait for Confirmation

Once the order is sent, please wait the confirmation of your order from Gothlly™. Don't send payment early.

Orders are confirmed within 12-24 hours. If it has been longer than 72 hours and you haven't received a confirmation,

please resend the form.

Send Payment

After order confirmation, please check the PAYMENT INFORMATION page!, read the payment rules

and the payment methods that are accepted.

All information and instructions for where to make the payment is in PAYMENT INFORMATION page.

Receive Service

After the payment has been successfully sent. Your order will be sent where you contacted Gothlly™ when you sent

the form. Take note of order will be sent when the order is finalized, within the time range given on the

CUSTOM IMVU page. (Please read the times carefully as some services take longer than others).

For tutorials visit the page: Tutorials

For any question visit the page: F.A.Q