Copy Code

To copy the codes Gothlly™ will send you a link where you should go and from there you can copy the codes.

Be careful to copy it correctly and not copy from other codes!


IMVU decided that it doesn't support div iframe. For which you can't use filedrive to edit the information.

Therefore, all the information is in the same code.

Keep in mind that you will always have the code in filedrive but you must edit it from the product description.

Paste Code

You can see the tutorial of ''How Put Code (IMVU'' to know how to put the code.

Once in ''Description'' section paste code and you start editing the information.

Edit Information

Once you paste the code.

The only thing you have to do is overwrite the texts BE CAREFUL not to delete any tag that is part of the code.



The next image shows what the tags and texts are:

As shown in the image, the TAGS are codes that start with < and end > , also have tag divs, etc.

As shown in the image, the TEXTS are lorem ipsum text or contain pivotal words to know what it is.

Save Changes

Once you have edited all the information, scroll down and find the button ''Submit'' to save changes.

Enjoy your new Product Page or Badge Description!

For more codes go to SPECIAL CODES (IMVU) page in extra section.