Go to Filedrive and Log In

First, log in filedrive (https://filedrive.gafcodes.com/) and click on ''My Files''.

Find The Title

Once on the my files page, You should look for the files that start with the title: --G- and end with the extension .html

Also, DON'T FORGET that you CAN'T edit the files that in their title says: Don't Edit

Click on edit button

Continue on my files page, click on the button with pencil icon ''Edit''

Edit Information

Once on the editor page, in the left you will find a code for edit the information.

The only thing you have to do is overwrite the texts BE CAREFUL not to delete any tag that is part of the code.


You can also use the most advanced tool that filedrive provides by clicking the green button

But I don't recommend it because it damages the code and disorder everything


The next image shows what the tags and texts are:

As shown in the image, the TAGS are codes that start with < and end > , also have tag divs, etc.

As shown in the image, the TEXTS are lorem ipsum text or contain pivotal words to know what it is.

Save Changes

Once you have edited all the information of .html files that start with --G- and end with .html.

To save changes click in the green button ''Save''.

For more codes go to SPECIAL CODES (IMVU) page in extra section.