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Gothlly™ is a shop where you can buy layouts and graphics for your interest and give it a unique and professional style!.

Gothlly's services range from layouts for IMVU as product pages to fully designed and coded homepages. As well as fully layouts for Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter Discord, Art Haven and more!.


Gothlly™ shop has been around since 2016, although it's officially opened in 2020, it started in the IMVU game doing only homepages, while getting more experience with designs and codes, Gothlly™ decided to expand in 2020 doing layouts & graphics for Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Art Haven and more!.


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06 23 2021
NON-IMVU LINKS Users talked about this. You don't get banned for using external links from IMVU. For more info please read: X  X
05 20 2021
NEW BIG CHANGES!, I change my name in imvu for Beners to Gothlly.
By doing this your imvu code maybe have been damaged, send me a message and I'll fix it.

Also I change all my social networks for the new name. And change the domain of my old website to the new

When I'm created this website it's my first time that I do everything with code and nothing that is images in .png or using imvu code. I'm so happy❤!

And finally as a small warning, since people love to compare my codes with other people (and not even ask me where I get that code and only blame me for stealing). ALL MY CODES I SEARCH IN HELP FORUMS, CODEPEN, ETC. Before blaming me for stealing, ask me how I did that code and I'll gladly provide you with the links.
As a small comment, all websites WILL ALWAYS HAVE SIMILARITY, since the html, css or javascript is the same for all. Let it start with a font-style: black; and finish with a backgroud-color: red; It doesn't mean that because you've similarity in the structured it's a steal.

(btw, don't think that I changed my website for the accusations, I wanted to change my name and website since January more or less, but I didn't have the will power and I always put it off hehe).

New Premades



This premade include:

Sparkles, Floating, Hover Effects and more!






Thanks For All Support ❤

Gothlly is the best, I said what I said.




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